Steps to giving your PC a Tuneup

  1. Backup all your data to an external storage or cloud storage.
  2. Run update for the operating system, software and device drivers. And if you haven't set updates to be automatic for all your software.
  3. Run Operating System utility to check hard drive for errors. This will require a system restart if you are on a windows machine.
  4. Delete all unnecessary files such as temporary internet files, temp files, cookies and download files. If you are using windows you can use the disk cleanup utility.
  5. Uninstall unused and unwanted programs from your computer.
  6. Run Defrag utility. One thing to remember, DO NOT EVER DEFRAG A HARD DRIVE IF IT IS SOLID-STATE DRIVE.
  7. Run a full virus and malware scan using antivirus and malware software. Your system should be actively be protect by a antivurus program at all times.