• Virus and Spyware Removal

    We will get your system running once again by scanning and removing all viruses and Spyware.

    Cost: $100.00Cost: $100.00
  • Customiztion and Setup of New Computer System

    We'll come into your home setup your computer, installing your software and hardware drivers and connecting your computer to the internet.

    Cost: $125.00Cost: $125.00
  • Installation of Hardware or Peripherals

    We will physical connect and install driver software for hardware such as memory, internal Hard drives, video cards and printers.

    Cost: $60.00Cost: $60.00
  • Wired Computer Network

    Run network wires and setup switch or router for two computers to share resources in a network.

    Cost: $100.00Cost: $100.00
  • Wireless Network

    Setup your wireless router with wireless network password security and firewall. Also can include other customizations acording to customer's need.

    Cost: $75.00Cost: $75.00
  • Data Recovery

    We will attempt to recovery files lost because of drive formating, accidental deletion of files and damage drive. We can attempt to recovery files on hard drives, flash drives, memory cards and most other storage devices.

    Cost: $150.00Cost: $150.00
  • PC Tune Up

    We will bring your computer back to life by removing the items that can cause crashes, slow speeds, freezing, and impact the overall health of your computer. We will also Customize your PC startup programs to improve boot time.

    Cost: $75.00Cost: $75.00
  • Other Services

    We also perform these additional Services: Operating System Repair, Operating System Installation and Upgrade, Data backup and Migration and Software Tutoring and Training. Contact for more information on these services.