Fixing Internet Connection Problems

Everyone at some time or another has experience how annoying it is when your internet connection lost or it just won't work at all. It seems to always happen just when you pay an important bill or email a file for work or school. The following is a listed of troubleshooting ideas you can used when my internet connection goes down. Computers with the latest Operating systems will try and tell you exactly what the problem is and fix it for you if possible. However this does not always work.

Steps to take to fix Problem

1. Check all plugs and cords
Make sure all network wires connection from the modem, router and computer are connected properly. Sometimes a clip breaks off the Ethernet cable which enables it to slip out easily. This sounds very simply and obvious but many people overlook it because of its simplicity.
2. Reset your modem and router
Turn your modem off and also turn off your router if you have one. Then turn on the modem (this will reset and start the modem a fresh) and wait for it to boot up completely. Next turn on your router (if you have one) and wait for it to boot up completely. Now check to see if you have internet connection, if not continue on to the next step.
3. Repair Your PC Network Connection
Windows XP: Go to the Start Menu>Control Panel>Network Connections Right click on your internet icon and choose repair from the drop down menu.
Windows Vista: Right click on the network icon in your system tray, then click on Diagnose and Repair.
Windows 7: Right Click on the network icon in your system tray, then Click troubleshoot Problems.
4. Restart Your computer
Simple restarting your computer sometimes is it takes.
5. Contact ISP
Finally if everything fails call your Internet Service Provide. The problem could be on their end and had nothing to do with your setup. They will able to isolate the problem and rectify it.